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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i was cleaning up my guest room and i found some poetics that i wrote some time ago.
when i read them, you would have thought that i just wrote them yesterday.
the pastor on Sunday said that you know when you are ready to marry when the person in your head, heart, and hand are one in the same.
my pastor teaches women to stay in their place and let the man pursue us. that's soooo hard, because the one i have my eye on, makes my heart beat fast..something no one else has EVER accomplished. i have him in my head and in my heart and i pray pray pray that God will put him in my hand.....we've hung out a few times in a group of others, so hopefully he notices my intent gaze at him....

but yeah...back to the poetics.

Subtle thoughts
Subtle smiles
A passing glance
Meeting of the eyes
Subtle wants
Subtle desires
An obvious connection
But broken affection


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